Tears and Joy: Reminiscing My Travel and Work Abroad Encounter

My Travel and WorkAs I mentioned in my earlier post, I travel to numerous places as a result of my occupation as a singer. Traveling could be music to somebody’s ears, however when you should do this for work, there were instances when this left me weary and groggy. Occasionally I had to leave my very own boy and that made me feel empty and miss him much. I found my self feeling homesick incessantly. My maternal instinct started in where there had been days when I would think whether I ought to do something else for a job as an alternative to my present work. I think all parents wants to give all the best things for their kids. This goes the same with me seeing that I am a single mom. In my pursuit to give him the good things that life has to offer, a lot is required from me. Today, quite a few Filipinos I know work abroad to provide for their loved ones as well.

The work that I have has provided me and my kid more than sufficient and this encouraged me to open my own bank account so I may have some funds to run my own business in the event that I already I decide to quit my work. Though I’ve got my share of travel experiences, it’s one thing I wish my child and I shall do together someday as he grows older. One country in Asia I would love to bring him to is Japan. This place holds a lot of history that will definitely fascinate those who wish to find out more about the past. The charming landscape of this place could also take your breath away.

Japan also has a lot of attractions. Many of my buddies who have been itching to look abroad have always desired to tour Japan. This country offers you a special mixture of the west and the east. In addition, there are also many ritzy shops where the best finds abound. Springtime time in Japan is around March to May so I would usually recommend my buddies to visit this wonderful country during this season where flowers are glamorously flourishing. It is also the time when the well-known cherry blossom trees begin to show their beauty — my biggest favorite of this season.

Even Japanese locals themselves enjoy to take a look at their country, specially when they are too pressured with work. Some individuals I’ve worked with in hotels who do not leave for abroad end up traveling around their motherland to find out about historical sites such as the century’s old temple, lakes, museums, mountains, shrines and other tourist attractions. I wasn’t able to experience this though since I’m saving the ideal time when my son has reached the appropriate age to travel abroad. I’m still hopeful to find a person I can travel with.

From what I’ve heard, Kyoto and Osaka are two of probably the most frequented places because aside from their tourist spots, additionally they provide the best accommodation options accompanied by delicious traditional Japanese cuisine, which is something visitors would want taste of. When you have been tied with work all these times, this is the best moment that you can loosen up and book a getaway to Japan.