How Do You Prevent Your Sweat From Stinking? Lessons From a South East Asian Journey

I have traveled extensively across South East Asia, all the way from Thailand to Cambodia to Burma to the Philippines to Viet Nam to Laos, and have done so with nothing but a pair of undies, a shirt, convertible pants, and a few auxiliaries. No bags needed. I’m here to show you how I prevented my sweat from stinking even though I used zero deodorants.Prevent Your Sweat From Stinking

So, How Did You Do It? I Don’t Wanna Smell Bad !

The solution is simple: Baking soda. Yes, you have heard it right. I have used baking soda quite with doubts when I embarked on my journey, but my suspicions quickly vanished as it proved itself super useful. You simply apply a little bit of the powder on your armpits, and there you go – completely non-smelling underarms for the next twenty or so hours. I love it, and I’m sure you will, as well.

Another very, very useful addition to my travel equipment was my Thai deodorant stone, an amazing work of South East Asian art. Not really – this is basically just a stone, a stone that you will thank me a thousand times later for letting you hear about it. You can buy it in any Thai market, and you just rub it against your underarm after a shower, and just like baking soda, you can rest assured that no special aroma will draw out of your body for the next day. Impressive, isn’t it? Saved my life.

That’s basically it. I used these two little tricks to prevent myself from smelling really bad in my journeys. I personally prefer the Thai deodorant stone, as it is not messy like the baking soda powder, but both will work just as fine. Enjoy your journeys!