5 stars for hotels in Bermuda

hotels in BermudaLuxury at its Best, Bermuda 5 Star Hotels can assure you that you’ll be as comfortable as in one of the bestHollywood hotels. It’s just a matter of choice that suits the needs and wants that you’re looking for. Even if you’re on a 5 star hotel Bermuda, you cannot call it luxury hotel unless it is ‘your’ luxury hotel and it means that if you choose a hotel to stay it should be the hotel of your choice. We have different tastes especially when it comes to a place where we want to stay so for a luxury Bermuda hotel vacation try reading this then you can decide which one to stay.

The Elbow Beach Hotel Bermuda – Best for its restaurants and bars, Elbow Beach became one of the favorite luxury hotels in Bermuda. It has two bars namely The Deep; a nightclub and The Veranda; Bermuda’s only rum bar in a traditional style of a cigar club. It overlooks the pink sand beaches. It has also spa, pool, fitness center, tennis court, 24-hour room service wherein they have the best management. After you come here, you will surely come back.

The Reefs Hotel Bermuda – Best for its award-winning spa, The reefs became one of Bermuda’s finestresort. Their spa offers Thai massage, pedicures & manicures using paraffin wax and Gehwol, produced by a company known for its herbal products. They also offer CACI, a non-surgical face lift. They also have infinity pool and an overlooking of the pink sand beach.

Pink Beach Club Bermuda – Also known as colony of cottages, Pink beach club offers a perfect view the ocean and a splendid fun at the beach. You can have swimming or snorkeling with you friends, family or loved ones right at their beach. They also have many amenities that you will truly enjoy and they offer a daily afternoon tea. Pink Beach is by far the largest cottage colony in Bermuda.

Newstead Bellmont Hills Golf Resort and Spa Bermuda – A mixed traditional architecture and a present Bermuda design shouts out the personality of this resort. It’s best for its spa and outdoor sports like tennis and golf. It also includes swimming pool, infinity pool and a whirl pool. It has two restaurants, hair salon, business center, general store and a 24- hour on-site gym with room key.

Cambridge Beaches Resort Bermuda – Also known as premier cottage colony, Cambridge Beaches Resort can show you the true luxury that a 5 star hotel in Bermuda can offer. It has an amazing view of ocean and bay waters, a world class spa, an exquisite cuisine, a wine cellar and a free ferry ride at the Hamilton City.