The Benefits of Booking Cruises From Baltimore

Cruises From BaltimoreCruising is a great way to travel, whether you’re going to one destination or several ports of call during your trip.  Baltimore is a fantastic city from which to cruise.  It offers year round cruise schedules.  It’s within close proximity of many major cities.  And two major cruise lines provide a wide variety of cruising options.

Year Round Travel

A lot of people think that cruising is a seasonal thing, and depending on where you’re departing from, it can be.  But not in Baltimore.  You can sail the Chesapeake Bay in the summer, depart for Bermuda from April through November, and travel to the Caribbean almost any time of year from Baltimore.

Close Proximity

A big factor in booking a cruise is how you will get to your port of departure.  Many people choose to fly south to places like Miami and rent a hotel the night before their cruise leaves.  But, if you live in places like Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania or Delaware, you can easily drive to Baltimore to catch your next cruise.  Even cheap cruises from Bayonne NJ can’t compete with that lineup.

Variety of Cruise Lines

Another big benefit of taking cruises from Baltimore is having two major cruise lines and one smaller cruise line that offer a variety of destinations for travelers.  Royal Caribbean can take you to Bermuda, and both Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises sail to the Caribbean islands.  American Cruise Lines is a smaller line, but it boasts the ability to navigate passengers throught the coastal towns of the Chesapeake Bay.

Departing on cruises from Baltimore has it’s advantages.  Year round travel is good for scheduling trips.  Being centrally located in the Mid Atlantic region makes it easy for travelers to get to their departure port.  And having a variety of cruise lines means passengers have a good selection of ports from which to choose.