How to get a good deal on a honeymoon cruise

honeymoon cruiseCruises are a great honeymoon choice for newlyweds and if done properly can be a very economic choice as well. Many travel agents offer honeymoon packages but with a little bit of effort and some internet savvy you can save yourself some money and pick up a few extra perks in the process.

Where to book a honeymoon cruise

Before the internet local travel agents were about the best place to book honeymoon cruise packages. Booking through the cruise line was almost always the most expensive way to go. Nowadays the opposite is true. In fact I recommend the main cruise line website be one of the sites you look at in your research.

To keep things from getting overwhelming I suggest looking at three or four websites for your cost comparisons including the main cruise website. The industry has become so competitve that you will most likely notice that all four sites are priced exactly the same.

For your other sites try and go with the main sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, etc. or ant other reputable travel service such as Delta or American Express.

When comparing prices make sure you check to see if taxes and fees are included. You may have to do a little math for comparisons sake. Some sites like to try and present a lower cost without the taxes and fees.

How to choose when the price is the same

Now that you have your four prices and assuming they are all priced exactly the same the next step is to see what kind of add-on the site is offering. Some may offer on-board cash and others may offer free photos or dining.

Always go with the highest amount of on-board cash offered. With on-board cash you are not limited to what you can buy on-board. Use it for a Bahama Mama drink or to help with gratuities.

It is not uncommon to see $100 per stateroom for a 7 day cruise but this is probably the most you can expect for a cruise of that length.