To Travel To The Galapagos Islands, Take the Galapagos Legend Cruise Ship

Journeying by sea has its own charm. To visit the Galapagos Islands, perhaps the best option is to board the Galapagos Legend cruise ship. This air conditioned liner has a capacity to carry 100 passengers and traveling in it is like living in a mobile luxury hotel, except that you are floating on water! The luxurious and world class amenities provided in the ship can make your voyage truly memorable. Getting aboard this Legend ship is particularly exciting for people who wish to combine adventure with fun and gaiety during theirvacation.Travel To The Galapagos Islands

Guests, who live in this ship for specific period of time, cannot ignore the well established guest rooms which are fully carpeted and provide you supreme feeling of satisfaction. Cabins are entirely luxuries along with having charismatic interior inside which make your nights beautiful along with the alluring scene of sea from the windows. When you will get any luxurious cabin, you will obtain wardrobes where you can keep your clothes according to your own requirement. Private amenities are also there which include, hot and cold water system, hair dryer and safety deposits in which your money will remain protected.Galapagos Islands

To top it all, the friendly and accessible administrative staff aboard the ship is always there when you need them. Just call them in case you have a problem and they are there round the clock with a helping hand. Do not fear if you have a tendency to fall ill while sailing. There is constant medical assistance available to cheer you up. Then there is a naturalist with multi-lingual skills who has a thorough knowledge of the waters you are sailing on. You are never going to feel alone while on the ship because there so many friendly and helpful faces around you all the time.

In case you want to hold a conference during your cruise, opt for the conference room and auditorium facilities on board. Spacious areas are provided for your social interactions with other guests and make new friends. The amazing variety of culinary delights can satisfy every kind of palate and can do wonders to boost your mood for the impending visit to the Islands. 24-hour coffee shop, a luxurious covered swimming pool with sun decks for sun bathing is all there for you to enjoy.

For night time entertainment, you could relax with some soothing tingling of the piano chords from the piano lounge. Make that long distance call from the ship, on a daily basis, in case you suddenly miss your family or a close friend. This is not all – there are more amenities in the ship to make every moment of your stay comfortable, peaceful and enjoyable. For that once-in-a-lifetime sea journey, go to Galapagos Island taking the Galapagos Legend cruise ship.