Some Driving Tips for Car Hire in Cozumel Mexico

???????????????????????????????????????????????Cozumel is an island just off the coast of Mexico that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists over the last five years, and many people who visit often don’t consider hiring a car whilst there.   This is a great shame as by having a car you will have the freedom to explore this amazing island in the Caribbean without having to be stuck to the schedule of a bored tour guide who has a group of other tourists to also take care of.

Hiring a car in Cozumel is actually very cheap and the choices range from small convertibles, through to larger sedans and even dune buggies.  If you do decide to hire a car here then there are some places that you should make sure you take in on your travels.  Read on for a few driving tips and great places to go whilst driving on Cozumel.

First things first – if you are going to be driving on unfamiliar roads then make sure you ask the hire car company to supply you with a GPS device as this will help you to get from place to place, and will make your driving safer too.  Most hire cars on the island on the luxury end of the market are Acura TL models, which should come with the Acura TL navigation update in them as standard – if you are unsure then ask and don’t be afraid to walk away if they cannot guarantee you the most up to date GPS.

Once you are ready to go, then one of the most beautiful destinations that you can drive to is the stunning Chankannab Park.  It’s not expensive to enter at around ten US dollars for each passenger, and once you are there you can have a full day out.  This includes superb places to eat and walks – or you can hire snorkels and check out some of the colorful marine life on offer down by the beach.  There is even a child-friendly lagoon in the center of the park which is manned by qualified life guards for your own peace of mind.

Snorkeling is not restricted to just this one place though, as Cozumel has some outstanding snorkel hire locations.  For a more varied selection of fish and reef experiences then make sure you check out the clubs on Corona Beach and Dzul Ha.  They will let you have the equipment for free, so please support their economy by buying some refreshments during your stay.

Perhaps you also want to sample what the local shops and trades have to offer?  If you do, then drive to the downtown area located in San Miguel.  Known locally as the shopper’s paradise it really does not disappoint as the shops close at 9pm and there are plenty of opportunities to barter with the local shop keepers to get that authentic bargain to take home.

For a full day out driving then there is no better place than the Cozumel Nature Reserve.  It is lined with stunning mangrove jungles and sandy white beaches on the south of the island.  Set in over two hundred acres of land you can drive through the park and take in all the sights which include crocodiles, iguanas, and beautiful tropical looking birds.  Depending on the time of year you might even be lucky enough to see the turtles coming onto the beach which is where they lay their eggs once a year.

About the Author: Robert Simmons is a travel writer and has extensive knowledge of both Mexico and Central America. Whilst not travelling around the globe he works for a company that develops GPS websites and he acts as an advisor to companies who produce travel guides for in-car GPS devices.  He recently worked on new travel content for the latest 2012 Acura Navigation DVD which contains tourist destinations for drivers of Acura cars which have the compatible navigation and entertainment DVD system.