Transportation and moving around Mykonos

MykonosThe islands on the Aegean and Cyclades especially are small; nothing like Crete, Evia, or Rhodes; so you should not expect endless miles of roads and full access to all parts of an island.

Mykonos is one of those small islands, but with a difference; there is a very efficient public transportation system. A fleet of mini buses traverses the island 24 hours a day so practically not one hour mykonos is left without it. Even the most distant beaches and communities of the island are thoroughly covered by the public transport network. In addition to this, buses are quite cheap to take, and very few tickets exceed 2 or 3 Euros.

Ticket purchasing has also been made easy; there are available from all shops and mini markets so travelers should not have a problem into buying tickets throughout the summer season. Locals also make extensive use of the buses.

If you cannot bear the idea of using a bus on your holidays, you can always grab a taxi; plenty of taxi stands at the port of Mykonos and the airport and outside the center of the town; ready to take you in any place you like, taxis are used by those who stay at remote mykonos villas or wish to go to a hotel that is on the other side of the island where there are small communities or the village of Ano Mera. Taxis are a bit expensive compared to buses, but they are the recommended solution if you are a group and carry a lot of luggage, or you arrive with a charter flight in the early hours of the morning.

Finally you can rent a car or a motorbike. It is not recommended to rent a car if you are visiting during the high season; better if you can use other means of transport like bus or taxi – otherwise you will suffer because of traffic. If you come to the island and you meet friends try and use their transportation to make it through your holidays!