Five Fantastic European Festivals And Events

European FestivalsThe continent of Europe is one big playground when it comes to festivals and events. No matter the time of year, there is certain to be something fun and entertaining on, whether it’s a music festival or a festival steeped in tradition.


Based in Venice, Italy – Carnevale is a wondrous and decadent renaissance festival. With amazing costumes and set against Italy’s picturesque water city of Venice, Carnevale is not to be missed!

St. Patrick’s Day

Get your green on for St. Patty’s day in Dublin, Ireland. With a massive parade, a treasure hunt that haves people ferreting all around the city and the ‘Skyfest’ (an enormous fireworks display) – St. Patrick’s Day is a week of ‘craic’ where it will be hard not to have a great time.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

What to say about the Fringe festival? Well it has got to be the largest arts related festival on earth, with thousands of performances every year in 300 venues all around Edinburgh. It runs for three weeks in August, and quality of the comedy and drama and everything in between seems to get better every year.

Notting Hill Carnival

This London based festival will often get over half a million spectators, with crazy floats and costumed dancers – it’s a lot of fun. The festival is on the last weekend of August.


It may well be steeped in history, but we all know Oktoberfest is all about one thing, the beer! With huge tents full of the delicious and frothy stuff – you’ll mingle with a lot of Australians, Italians and Germans too of course. It’s one of those festivals you really need to go to at least once, just to experience it. Occurs every year – with the majority of the event actually occurring in September and running into earlier October.

So there you have it, five fantastic festivals you should surely check out next time you’re traveling or backpacking through Europe.