Cuba Sun and Sand

Cuba Sun and SandWaking up, going over to the window and seeing the unmistakable blue of a tropical sea. There’s no better therapy, no better way of greeting the day. While on your Cuba Holidays, this is a daily experience, and you can enjoy it not only in a beach hotel but also in one of the more luxurious hotels in the city and even up in a mountain retreat. Here, the sea is a living presence; in those few places where you can’t see it, you can still smell and sense it.

The insular shelf is bounded by an extensive coral reef where a great variety of colorful fish bewitch scuba-diving buffs, both beginners and experts. In addition, there are underwater caves to explore. Casting loose your mooring lines in Cuban waters means setting sail into a spectacular sea adventure.

The cays which form the outermost fringe of the archipelago are particularly enticing. They have been left in nearly their natural state, with their original flora and fauna, so they still look much as they did when Christopher Columbus discovered these lands over five centuries ago.

Many places on Cuba’s coasts are already famous: Varadero, Guardalavaca, Esmeralda, Santa Maria del Mar, Santa Lucia and Ancn Beaches, which are loved by tourists from all over the world, and Coco, Guillermo, Largo del Sur, Santa Maria, Las Brujas and Levisa Cays.

Not disappointed thousands of tourists who make dives here every year, some of them as beginners making their maiden dives in Cuban waters, accompanied by experienced divers whose expertise is attested to by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS), the American-Canadian Underwater Certification (ACUC) for scuba-diving classes and other prestigious international schools.

In 1985, the French oceanologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s crew was very impressed by Cuba’s seabed-most of all, by their exploration of the Cristobal Colon, a Spanish ship which was sunk during the naval battle that was fought just off Santiago de Cuba in i8g8. According to the divers, who have worked all over the world, few other places are as well preserved or have such a wealth of marine life. His colleagues waxed so enthusiastic that Cousteau, then 75, decided to put on an aqualung and see for himself. He wasn’t disappointed.

Caves, profusely decorated vertical walls, tunnels, cliffs and channels offer endless options for scuba diving both during the day and at night…. Experiences go from simple observation to swimming near large fish in complete safety.

Cuba undoubtedly is one of the most stunning tourist destinations in the World. Add the irrefutable fact of a super rich culture and you have the perfect formula for an unforgettable holiday.