Cuba An Ideal Holiday Destination

Waking up, going over to the window and seeing the unmistakable blue of a tropical sea. There’s no better therapy, no better way of greeting the day. While on your Cuba Holidays, this is a daily experience, and you can enjoy it not only in a beach hotel but also in one of the more luxurious hotels in the city and even up in a mountain retreat. Here, the sea is a living presence; in those few places where you can’t see it, you can still smell and sense it.Cuba An Ideal Holiday Destination

Choose any of the large tourist resorts or an intimate, virgin, uninhabited spot for enjoying the beach. Take acruise on board a pleasure yacht or catamaran, go deep -sea fishing or surfing, take out an aqua bike, warm up with snorkeling and then launch yourself on a real adventure with aqualungs among tropical fish and beautiful coral formations in some of the most amazing and best preserved underwater scenery in the world.

The cays which form the outermost fringe of the archipelago are particularly enticing. They have been left in nearly their natural state, with their original flora and fauna, so they still look much as they did when Christopher Columbus discovered these lands over five centuries ago.

It has over 3560 miles (5746 kilometers) of irregular coastline, including more than 200 bays and over 300 beaches whose sand is of different colors and textures. It is common knowledge that the Cuban sea is of excellent quality.

Not disappointed thousands of tourists who make dives here every year, some of them as beginners making their maiden dives in Cuban waters, accompanied by experienced divers whose expertise is attested to by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS), the American-Canadian Underwater Certification (ACUC) for scuba-diving classes and other prestigious international schools.

Coral reefs extend along practically the entire edge of the broad insular shelf (for around 1984 miles, or 3200 kilometers). More than half of these reefs are separated from the main island by large areas of shallow water and groups of cays.

Scientific studies estimate that there are over 500 species of fish; 200 different kinds of sponges (cup, tube and branch); around 60 kinds of coral; and a large sample of mollusks, crustaceans, gorgonians, algae and Common Sea Fans (Gorgonia spp.) in Cuban waters.

Cuba without a doubt is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Combine that fact with a super rich history and you have the perfect formula for an unforgettable holiday.