The 7 Most Romantic Beaches of the Caribbean

Most Romantic Beaches of the CaribbeanThe Caribbean offers some of the most romantic Caribbean resorts and stretches of beach in the world. With clear, turquoise-blue waters, mesmerizing sunsets and sands of multiple colors, it is easy to see why this tropical destination is so popular with travelers. The Caribbean’s seaside resorts draw numerous honeymooners each year, as many have private beaches and exclusive romance packages.

Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla

Often rated as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Shoal Bay Beach sits on the northeastern end of Anguilla. With almost two miles of white sand and superb snorkeling reefs, Shoal Bay is a favorite with honeymooners and couples. In addition to snorkeling or swimming, visitors to Shoal Bay can enjoy a romantic picnic under one of the beach’s many shade trees.

Half Moon Bay, Antigua

With 365 beaches in all, the Caribbean island of Antigua offers a different beach for each day of the year. However, not all of the island’s beaches are perfect for a romantic vacation. Half Moon Bay, often referred to as one of the Caribbean’s most romantic beaches, is a quieter location with beautiful white sands, which sometimes give off a pink shimmer as the sun sets. Swaying palms line its mile-long strip of sand, plus water sports such as wind surfing and snorkeling are a popular pastime.

Trunk Bay, St. John

St. John’s Trunk Bay is a popular beach for honeymooning cruise-ship passengers. Protected by the U.S. National Park Service, this beach features an underwater snorkeling trail almost 700 feet in length. Couples love snorkeling and interacting with the hundreds of colorful sea creatures found along the beach’s offshore reefs. The beach itself has more than a quarter-mile of sugar-white sands and dozens of towering coconut palms.

Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico

Located about 30 miles east of the capital city of San Juan, Luquillo Beach is a widely photographed, crescent-shaped beach, surrounded by a coconut grove. The inner bay area looks more like a private lagoon of crystal blue water and is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Just offshore is a protective coral reef that keeps out the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pink Beach, Bahamas

Consistently voted as one of the most romantic Caribbean beaches, Pink Beach gets its name from the color of its sand. Against the turquoise sea, the beach’s pink sands are vibrant and give off a hypnotic hue at both sunrise and sunset. Newlyweds and couples celebrating an anniversary flock to this location annually, to bask in the sun and enjoy the romantic ambiance of this world-renowned beach destination.

Harrismith Beach, Barbados

A more remote beach on the island of Barbados, Harrismith Beach is a hidden delight for honeymooners. Couples can spend the day exploring the abandoned plantation house that sits at the top of a cliff. Or, they can ascend down the stone stairs that are carved into the cliff, to reach the sandy, secluded beach below, and spend a relaxing day basking in the sun.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

The Bahamas are not the only islands in the Caribbean with luxurious pink beaches. Considered one of the top beachside locations in the world, Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda offers lovely pastel pink sandy beaches. It also features a few hidden spots where couples can retreat to snorkel or swim alone along this wide stretch of beachfront.