Private tour in Thailand

tour in ThailandTravelling on a fixed group tour can be hard and stressful. All personal wished are less important than the schedule of the full group, giving very little space to the individual. We have all tried it. When some exciting appears the bus has to depart, or when you want to go to the toilet there is always some time until the next stop.

In Thailand there are so many exciting things to explore. But to explore them the optimal way, make sure you book a private tour in Thailand. The private tour makes sure that the itinerary is created based on your wishes, and that your tour  in Thailand will be a tour to remember.

When selecting a travel agency make sure that you select one that is engaged in the local culture, and that they have employees that understands your culture and background as well as speaking your language.
Travel Isaan is a company just like that. Their staff with both Thai and Western nationals gives you the assurance that both the local culture and you as the customer will be a priority.
Travel Isaan has been an active player in the tour industry for many years, showing foreigners the amazing unique part of Thailand called Isaan, with Ubon Ratchathani as its base. All personal speaks a high level of English, making sure that there are no misunderstandings on your private tour in Thailand.

The area of Ubon Ratchathani and Isaan gives you many amazing sites. The national parks of Phataem and Kaeng Tana, the grand canyon of Thailand called Sam Phan Bok, the Phanom Rung Historical Park, and many more. The North East part of Thailand is truly amazing when it comes to culture and nature.

Next time you take a tour in Thailand, make sure it’s a private tour. It will give you so much more in terms of experiences, culture, relaxation and make sure that YOU are in charge of the events.